• The Great Detox

    The Great Detox

    Don’t get us wrong: we’re all for detoxing; we’re completely on board with cleansing and re-energising. We just won’t be doing it to our bodies. 

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  • December: Good different

    Growing up in India and moving to the Suffolk countryside means we naturally embrace being different. We’re here to encourage you to make some small changes to the way you...

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    December: Good different
  • September: the new January

    September: the new January

    This September – more than perhaps any other – feels like a poignant time for a fresh start because of the seminal change in the UK monarchy. After 70 years...

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  • Finding inspiration in a drought

    With the garden looking thirsty, the earth scorched, the cost-of-living soaring, and tempers (ever so slightly!) frayed by the long school summer holidays, it’s perhaps not the easiest time to...

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    Finding inspiration in a drought
  • A postcard from India

    A postcard from India

    Greetings from India! Last week I was lucky enough to return to my motherland after three years away. The purpose? A long-awaited reunion with family and friends and to spend...

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