A Summer of Connection and Creativity

Posted on June 21 2024

As the warm sun finally brings a much-awaited start to summer, we find ourselves at the perfect crossroads of opportunity and curiosity. This season traditionally invites us to travel - stepping out of our comfort zones, to explore, and to engage with the rich tapestry of cultures that make our world so vibrant. Writing today as FARO continues on our own “Grand Tour”, we are taking a creative shopping experience on the road to The Cotswolds, London and the Suffolk Coast. Even though technology connects us like never before, we are embracing the chance to broaden our retail horizons and come and see you, bringing with us like minded creatives to enrich our community.


Through a curated sensory retail experience, we hope to create a connection between the worlds we know and love.


The colourful, vibrant hustle and bustle of India with the relaxed charm of the English countryside.

Whether it is embroidered parasols that conjure scenes of picnics with a Maharajah in our minds, or exquisite silk kimonos to caress a sun softened shoulder on the beach, every piece has been selected to cultivate a individual aesthetic for each pop-up shop. Come and touch the fabrics, soak up the creative atmosphere and learn more about the conscientious design and artisan story behind each product.

And we’re not alone – we’re teaming up with exciting jewellery and fragrance brands as well as accomplished contemporary artists, so come and immerse yourself in an exuberant world of colour and joy.





A visit might bring back that memory of the summer where you felt more than just a tourist in another country but an active participant in a global community. Picture yourself walking through a local market in Jaipur, the air thick with the scent of spices and the vibrant colours of traditional fabrics and rugs. You stop to chat with a local artisan, learning the intricate techniques that have been passed down through generations. This exchange is more than just a momentary interaction; it is a bridge between worlds, a chance to understand and appreciate the depth of another culture.

And when you do decide on the tablecloth, rug, cushion or hand painted lamps you would like to take home, you take more than an object with you. Instead, you have an interesting story that reflects a little of who you are and the eclectic community you belong to.




At the same time, we can contribute and belong, even if just briefly, to a wider community within these iconic retail destinations. We yearn for the human connection that the in-person retail experience provides, where we can witness firsthand the joy our products bring to others. It’s in those moments, seeing smiles light up faces, that we understand what practical solutions you seek and what you need to feel confident in making a purchase. We eagerly anticipate standing shoulder to shoulder with other retail brands, perhaps sharing a cup of tea after a busy day, reveling in the shared pride and satisfaction of being part of a vibrant business community.

This summer let’s seek out opportunities to engage with the world in meaningful ways. Attend cultural festivals, participate in art exhibitions, or simply strike up a conversation with someone from a different background. These interactions enrich our lives, broaden our perspectives and foster a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. And they won’t happen through a computer screen. Sure, buy online for convenience but come and see us for a connection.

By opening our hearts and minds to the diverse art and cultural values from around the world, we create a more inclusive and compassionate community. We learn to celebrate our differences and find common ground in our shared experiences. Let’s make a conscious effort to broaden our horizons, to connect, and to collaborate.

Together, we can create a world where every culture is valued, and every story is treasured.