We are Farheen and Ozma; sisters who grew up in India, lived and worked in the UK and together, we are FARO.

FARO is founded on our shared love of Indian artistry and colour.
Growing up as children in India, we learnt to appreciate the skill, effort and time involved in creating a beautiful textile or item of clothing. A special outfit for Eid or Diwali was never off-the-peg; items were made-to-measure and finished by hand with luxurious detail. We treasured those items, aware of how unique they were. We bring the same discerning eye and attention-to-detail to every item Faro produces today.

 “My studies took me to the Chelsea School of Design and Central St Martin’s College in London. I loved the vibrancy and energy of London in the nineties and noughties.

It’s a dream to be able to spend my time developing new techniques and designs for our own business; a typical day for me might be spent sketching ideas for a new product or visiting artisans in our workshops to finalise a new print or embroidery.

My favourite ever item created by Faro artisans was my wedding dress; embroidered and hand-sewn to perfection. My least favourite thing is looking at spreadsheets, which drives my sister, Farheen mad and makes it essential that we bring our complementary skills to running Faro!”


 “I am a big-picture thinker, although I am equally at home analysing the finer details, much to the frustration of my creative arm, Ozma! I have spent the last 25 years running companies in London. I love seeing how other cultures have influenced style, food and business in the UK.

I live in Suffolk with my husband and two sons and run the UK operation where I am also responsible for the overall business. 

I’m a problem solver so, for me, the best thing about running a business is when customers tell me our products have positively impacted their lives – like our nightshirts that have helped people sleep better. I also love seeing our collections take shape and launching them into the world for the first time.”

Together, we are proud to design beautiful homewares, clothing and accessories that are made by artisans in India, and we are passionate about keeping traditional crafts – like weaving, block printing and embroidery – alive.

We believe in rewarding our artisans fairly for their work, and in creating products that are as sustainable as they are luxurious.

We believe that surrounding ourselves with colour, print, pattern and beauty can have a profoundly positive effect on our surroundings – and our entire outlook on life.

We hope you agree, and like what you see. Happy shopping!