True colours

Posted on February 22 2023

There’s a certain joy that comes with growing up. After decades of attempting fad diets, catwalk tends (that should have stayed on the catwalk), a quick flirt with reiki and the odd tarot card reading, we’ve reached a point where we know – and are proud of – who we are. We’re not afraid to embrace our true colours.

As two sisters who were brought up in India, we love seeing how our culture and childhood influence who we are today – and how we run our business.

Feminism was ever-present growing up: our strong, fiercely independent grandmother was matriarch-on-high. As young girls, we were encouraged to learn so that we could have careers and make our own choices (something not always common in India, even today). We know we were lucky. We nurture the girls in our teams now with the same fervour.

Of course, as Indians, colour runs in our blood. Monochrome is not in our vocab: no outfit, tablescape or interior scheme is complete without some surprising colour combinations. India provides us with a boost whenever we’re there, but we also love finding colourful inspiration outside of India – from architecture and art galleries to the Chelsea flower show which we see as an annual pilgrimage to help spark ideas for Faro’s next patterns, prints and textures.

Growing up in India is to witness stark disparity. As a result, respect and fairness are paramount for us, and they form the backbone of our guiding principles. Our artisans are paid fairly for the work they do. We look after them with sustainable and ethical practices so that we can create a happy team and products we are proud of at every stage. Luxury at a fair price.

Distilled down, these are Faro’s three core values (our true colours, if you will):


    The old adage of ‘buy once, buy well’ has underpinned the Faro philosophy since its inception. As children, we learnt to appreciate the skill, effort and time involved in creating a beautiful textile or item of clothing: our most treasured outfits were made-to-measure and finished by hand. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of quality that we bring to the items Faro produces today. Our artisans are trained to be fastidious about every thread; eagle-eyed about the angle of every seam. No half-measures. Examine our garments closely and you’ll see what we mean.

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    We hate standing still. Our studio and workshops are constantly a-buzz with energy and ideas. We’re always trying new silhouettes, patterns, products and ways of doing things. We love combining ancient, time-honoured crafts with new techniques and trends, challenging our artisans to surprise and inspire us.  Nearly a decade ago, we were one of the first companies to bring quality block-printing in bold colours to the UK, and we are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Today, we’re experimenting with shibori-inspired prints and light, sustainable fabrics that release no toxins. Tomorrow, who knows? We’re not afraid to take risks in our quest to do new, great things.

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    Customer Service

    We understand that there’s nothing worse than bad customer service. We put ourselves in your shoes and think of every customer as an extension of us. Our team is made up of perfectionists: from the way we fold a tablecloth to the ribbons we tie around the box, we go above and beyond. This means that for every order placed, however small or large, we don’t rest until it has reached you in perfect condition, and you’re completely satisfied. We want everyone to be evangelical after every order. We know if we do our job well, our customers will embrace our love of colour, quality and design forever.

    What about you?

    What do you care about?

    What are your true colours?  


    F&O x