The Great Refresh

Posted on May 16 2023

Who doesn’t like May? After a seemingly endless British winter characterised by the usual vitamin D deficiency, pallid skin and a solid diet of comforting carbs, it appears we can finally put our coats away and embrace light and colour again. The vibrancy of a decent English Spring is so welcome partly because of the stark contrast with what has gone before. Just when we’re really at the end of our tether with all the darkness and wetness and about to book a last-minute getaway to somewhere (anywhere!) warm, the UK pulls out an absolute corker of a day, and we can simmer down and put away our Avios points for a little while.

And when the outside world looks so fresh and – dare I say it – youthful, it makes us want to follow suit too. A refresh of our indoor spaces as well as of ourselves. Nope, we’re not skipping off for a facelift any time soon, but there’s no better time to take a proper look around, slough off some old baggage and usher in some new, fresh ideas.

In this spirit, we fling open our windows and give our homes a once over: cosy winter fabrics give way to lighter, brighter tablecloths, bedspreads, and cushions; crockery has a playful upgrade and we try and fill every room with fresh blooms. Setting a few personal resolutions make us believe we’re leaving the winter behind us too; whether that’s reading more novels, exercising outside more, or cooking more from scratch.  And with a new monarch on the throne, whether you’re a staunch royalist or republican, it certainly feels like a new era is on the horizon.

Cheers to that!

Here are Faro’s ideas for a Spring refresh – both of your spaces and of yourself.

Refresh your home

  • Treat guests like royalty. The guest bedroom often sits like a scene at a museum – untouched and pristine – but you can inject personality and Spring colour without too much effort by giving their room a seasonal spruce-up. Freshly cut wild flowers on the bedside table or in the bathroom will make your guests smile. A well-chosen luxurious bedspread or some cushions that incorporate colours from the garden will show how much you care. And if they’re extra-special guests, leave a couple of block-printed dressing gowns on the back of the door for surprise luxury hotel vibes.

  • Rearrange the furniture. Moving things around is an easy and cost-efficient way to bring new life to your rooms. We love changing big things up and experimenting with artwork, lamps and houseplants in a new location. If you’re feeling really brave (and strong!), try moving rugs, furniture and table lamps outside for a very special al fresco evening.

  • Titivate your tablewear. We always feel much more sociable when the sun shines. Whether it’s for an impromptu BBQ or a formal dinner party, make sure your tableware is tip-top. Painted floral candlesticks or an intricate tray will elevate the colour scheme and bring the outdoors in. It probably doesn’t need a wholesale refresh – one statement tablecloth or a set of colourful glassware will make a big difference.

    Refresh yourself:

    • Expand your mind. We love discovering a Podcast that changes our view on things. “The Rest is Politics” covers everything from the Iraq war to Ireland in a balanced, bitesize, and witty way.
    • Set yourself a new challenge. Whether you’ve always wanted to run a marathon from your front door, write a book or do a pottery course, find something to keep you motivated, and stick at it.
    • Wear something that surprises you. If you normally wear monochrome, try going zingy and bright, or add some pattern to get you out of your comfort zone. This is a perfect time of year for experimentation, and bright colours can have a ridiculously positive effect on your mood.

      Wishing you the brightest and freshest of Mays, 

       F&O xx