The Waiting Game

Posted on March 06 2024

Good things come to those who wait? Absolutely, we say. And waiting is part of the fun.
This time of year can feel like the ultimate for anticipation. Christmas is done and dusted, and we’re still at least a month away from any coat-shedding levels of warmth or sunshine. Sure, there are some pretty snowdrops and paperwhites popping up, but the big money show – your tulips, your dahlias, your peonies – is still to come. Maybe, to brighten these rainy days, you have a glamorous ski trip planned or are plotting to overhaul your interiors with some gloriously uplifting colours or fabrics. But most of us have a rather long stretch of wet, muddy weeks ahead of us, waiting until we can either enjoy Blighty or escape Blighty
In a past life, we were impulsive and impatient. Waiting was tedious. But – whisper it – we’re beginning to understand that waiting can be part of the joy. The stuff that comes after a decent wait, when you’ve really looked forward to it, is always so much better than the things that come easily. Plus, you know you’re a proper grownup when you take comfort in waiting. Remember the agony of waiting what seemed like FOREVER for Christmas or a Birthday? It’s probably a sign of age, but now we relish time going more slowly. When life rushes by we feel like we’re going to miss something...
A few things that Faro believes are made better with a wait:




Of course, you can buy instant garden kits online or pay a team of people to transform your green space in a couple of days. But nothing compares to putting in the time, getting mud under your fingernails and waiting for your garden to do its own, messy thing. We’re new to gardening so February feels like a very pregnant pause while we wait for everything that we’ve forgotten we planted to burst into life. We’re told the best gardens take decades to perfect so we’re trying to channel patience and not be cross that those little silver birch saplings haven’t become towering trees overnight. And if the plan doesn’t come to fruition as quickly as we’d like, we’ll be harnessing the power of bold, floral table linens and eye-catching embroidered parasols: instant spring sunshine on tap.




I don’t need to remind you that we all waited long and hard to travel during the dark days of covid, but now that we’re back on that happy holiday horse, now is the perfect time of year to plan a trip. Booking an adventure months (or years) in advance doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity, but what you gain in anticipation is worth it. Planning your activities, your reading list and your dream pool-side-wafting outfit shouldn’t be seen as tedious admin but part of an essential ‘pre-holiday relaxation phase’. Take time to pamper yourself before you go and aim to try and get on that plane looking like you’ve already had a ten-day break because you’ve planned for every eventuality. We can but dream!

Even when you’re not travelling, channel an exotic vibe through your outlook: use vibrant colour, statement jewelry (and occasionally a bit of bronzer!) to lift your mood and give everyone a sense that your spirit is still at the beach.


House renovations


It’s true what they say about living in a place before you start pulling it apart.

Do you know how that room looks in summer? Will that kitchen window feel too small in the depths of winter? Small changes can make a big difference to a room: refresh things that are temporary (e.g. a bright new bedspread, sunny new cushions or a zingy wall colour) but live with your house for at least a year – ideally more – before you start pulling walls down or taking on a big building project.

Your priorities can – and will – change.



Like all of you, we are trying to be more considered about what we buy these days. There’s nothing like giving a gift that you know someone really wants. Whether we admit to it or not, everyone has a wish list in their heads. Conduct a bit of detective work on your intended receiver and really listen to what they’re craving (e.g., having trouble sleeping? Luxury silk PJs might be the answer; down about the gloomy weather? Give something drenched in colour to brighten their day). If you’re lacking inspiration, drop a text to a loving husband or family member who can give you some insider tips. Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Easter are the perfect time to put extra thought into a gift, and your lucky recipient will be so pleased you did: the perfect gift will be treasured forever.


What about you, what do you think is worth the wait?