To Boldly Go...

Posted on December 13 2023

At Faro, minimalism doesn’t feature in our playbook. We like to channel exuberance, energy and enthusiasm in our outlook, our apparel, and our surroundings. If you’re part of our colour tribe, you’ll know we’ll be the ones wearing bright lipstick and patterned trousers when everyone else is in black. We live for vibrancy, bold statements, and uniquely joy-soaked interiors.

At Christmas, we come into our own – when ‘more is more’ becomes the order of the day and restraint is put on the backburner. We say: start that detox another time; add extra glitter; wear that dress. When the season gives you soggy days and zero daylight, embrace the Faro antidote: a bold, maximalist aesthetic.


Take your tree to new heights

large Christmas tree with red applique tablecloth


Ceiling height obviously needs to be considered here but buy the biggest Christmas tree you can for your space. There’s nothing sadder than a tiny tree in a big room. Go slightly larger than feels comfortable: you can always shave a little off the top. Think about using different parts of your home (e.g., an impressive hallway or kitchen) to maximise room height. Bushy, healthy trees will last for weeks and fill your home with a joyous scent.

Don’t be a slave to a theme or colour when you dress your tree. Matchy-matchy trees are fussy and expensive. Decorate with flair by using all your favourite sentimental – and kitsch – items. Add some DIY velvet bows, glossy hand-painted baubles or even some real candles if you’re feeling brave (and can keep pets and young children at bay!). The most beautiful Christmas trees are a collection of memories and experiences so don’t feel the need to edit too heavily here.


Tantalising tables

red and white Christmas tablecloth


The trend for focusing on one or two Christmassy colours has long since passed (thank the lord!). Christmas tablescapes don’t need to follow strict rules – just be sure to embrace vibrancy, bold pattern and generous proportions. 

If you’ve got the space, add opulent lamps to your table, or go big on oversized, colourful candlesticks for a playful maximalist vibe. Use bright, jewel-inspired colours that you love in the form of napkins, table runners and tablecloths and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour clashing. Think about investing in some new tableware: cutlery with fun, colourful handles or decoratively hand-painted plates will elevate your table and sparkly jute placemats will add another layer of Christmassy spirit.  For the ultimate statement, create an eye-catching supersized foliage display. It doesn’t have to obscure your view if the main event is above eye level; hanging large displays above your table is super chic and will become a mainstay of your seasonal decorations. 


Rooms with chutzpah

drawing room with cushions, curtain and silk coral lampshade


Our inside spaces come under the spotlight more than ever in the colder months. A maximalist interior – that magical combination of old and new, texture, and colour – isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, but this is the perfect season to reflect (and maybe stick a couple of choice items on the wish-list!) The most interesting rooms are imbued with personality, adventures, and passions.

Gavin Houghton, interior designer says: “A room needs to be like a person you’d like to get to know, which means it needs to be interesting and erudite, to have history and background. And collections of things tell you where somebody’s passion lies.”

Scour those antiques markets and auctions for special pieces that speak to your soul and be confident in your soft furnishing choices. Channel the likes of Penny Morrison and Robert Kime with sumptuous trimmings: think pom pom cushions, tasselled curtains, frilly floral sofas. Add luxurious fabrics in the form of kilim rugs, soft wool throws and vintage suzanis or crewel embroidery.


Dress like you mean it

Christmas quilted dressing gowns red, white and green


Your house looks the part, but how to shine as brightly as your bold interiors at this time of year? Don’t save your glitter and gold for the big-ticket events: wear a standout outfit for that coffee with a friend or on the school run. It’s tempting to lean back on your tried and tested dark colours at this time of year, but fun quilted jackets and gilets have maximalism built in with minimal effort.

Consider colourful jewellery that makes your less-exciting outfits sing: chunky resin hoop earrings and vintage costume jewellery brooches and necklaces will bring out your inner magpie. Your hair can always take an extra accessory: sleek alice bands, printed scrunchies and velvet bow clips will make you look extra groomed and ready-for-anything when the weather is playing havoc with your locks. 

Feel a bit ‘extra’ in your nightwear too: a new pair of cosy block-printed PJs, an elegant, quilted dressing gown and some super soft slippers will bring you major style-points and an essential sense of calm to get you through the crazy Christmas season.

The colour tribe welcomes you with open arms!