Planning for everything

Posted on June 23 2023

Oh summer, you are fickle.

One week it’s Siberia – the next, totally tropical. We’re used to this on/off Summer thing by now.

Jumpers are never really put away for winter; the factor 30 never too far from our grasp. It keeps us on our toes and makes every day exciting. Hailstones at breakfast, a heatwave at teatime; sure.

At home, we can tap-dance through changes in climate and event-dressing with relative ease: there’s always something at the back of the wardrobe to help us out. But what about on holiday? How do we ensure we’re ready for whatever our travels may throw at us without an entire wardrobe at our disposal?

Historically, our preferred way to pack used to be after a glass or two of wine, before an early flight the next morning. Whilst spontaneous, and faff-free, this approach can be somewhat chaotic. Returning with circa 50% of items crumpled and unworn is not best packing practice. As we’ve become more experienced in travel – and life – the joy of a well-planned suitcase is a clear winner over late-night panic-packing.

Here are Faro’s hottest tips for a relaxing trip anywhere:


The art of travel

The chicest of travelers always produce a beautiful, soft wrap that can double up as a blanket, pashmina, pillow, and evening shawl. Think about how fabrics travel – and how much space they take up. Summery fabrics like cotton, linen and silk are lightweight and easy to roll or tuck into tiny corners of your suitcase or handbag. Items with small or large prints will hide creases and be more forgiving when rolled into tight spaces. Less time ironing; more time relaxing.


In the met office we trust

An oldie but a goodie: look at the weather. An average temperature is not an actual temperature! If rain is on the horizon, you’ll feel much less aggrieved if you’ve packed some appropriate footwear or an umbrella. As the Scandanavian saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’. Try telling that to Brit on holiday in Sicily during a rainy week in August.


List, lists, lists...

We hate that sinking feeling when we’ve forgotten something. Sometimes it’s the phone charger, sometimes the perfect earrings for that dress. Lists prevent this from happening! What’s more, a large proportion of your list can be recycled from year to year – so do the job well once and your list will work hard for decades. It might stop you overpacking at the last minute too: if you’ve written 3 pairs of shoes on your list, you are more likely to obey.


Be bold!

Holidays are the perfect time and place to make brave colour choices: leave the monochrome behind and embrace the vibe of the place you’re visiting. Try wearing something that surprises you: a dress with an eye-catching ikat print or a silk ‘pyjama’ set with heels that you didn’t quite have the guts to wear out at home.


Do the double

Consider bringing items that can do two jobs for the price of one. A beautiful silk swing jackets can be a pool-side cover up as well as eveningwear. A pair of yoga pants can also work as pyjamas. Boldly printed coordinating sets are your friend – wear them together and separately for extra bang for your buck.

What are your top tips for stress free travel?

Wishing you a summer of happy packing and voyaging,

F&O x