Dark months; bright interiors!

Posted on February 01 2022

It’s no secret that the first couple of months of the year are tough. The excitement of the festive season has passed, those New Year’s resolutions seem not quite such a brilliant idea after all, and the UK weather has well and truly lost its charm (especially if you live in an old house!) 

This is a time of year traditionally marked by restraint: cutting back on food and drink, saving money and clearing out the clutter from our homes. We are forgiven for staying in, popping on old pyjamas at 5 pm and wrapping up in a warm blanket – effectively hibernating until Spring looks a bit more likely. 

At Faro, we’re not interested in waiting until the warmer months to start really living. January and February are months that need colour, vibrancy and life like no other. And, let’s be honest, restraint is not in our vocab...

Here’s our essential guide to thriving in the darkest months:

Embrace colour on your walls

Our studio has had a glorious makeover and the walls are now adorned with the blue and green jewel tones of our new brand colours. A hemp rug will arrive soon with accents of blue and gold to finish off the space. Be bold and be brave with your walls and remember that nothing has to be forever.

studio space, studio interiors, bold wall colours, wall paint

Mix old and new

    Don’t be afraid of dark wood – as long as it’s balanced with colour and light. We love combining traditional furniture with contemporary styling. We’ve just taken delivery of a rather beautiful antique French mahogany armoire from The Boule-In – a Suffolk gem of a business. It will take pride of place in our bedroom and will complement the pockets of navy and pink tones. 

    Bring the outside in 

      Nature is such a balm all year round, but plants can look and smell less exotic in the winter months. Our latest obsession is citrus trees. They can live outside in the summer but need to be brought into the warmth of a home in colder months. They will become a fabulous focal point to your sunniest room, give off delicious zesty aromas and provide lemons (or oranges) all year round for brightening up cooking and cocktails.

      Don’t forget the bedroom

        Because it’s not seen by guests very often, it’s easy to overlook, but the bedroom can have a profound effect on your karma and well being. A bright, embroidered bedspread is the stuff of dreams in a winter bedroom. We are particularly proud of our Gulistan quilt which takes several months to hand-embroider by artisans in Kashmir. The blues, greens, oranges and pinks are almost fluorescent in their vibrancy. Pair with zingy-coloured cushions for the perfect tonic to winter blues.

        Dress to impress – even in bed

        Gloomy weather does not have to mean a gloomy outfit! Reject dark colours and throw on that bright yellow jumper or swathe yourself in a vibrant, cosy throw. This month we are going to go the full Marie Kondo, get rid of those tatty tracksuit bottoms and embrace some exquisitely made, colourful pyjamas that will make lounging at home a joy.

        All the best for a colourful and happy start to the year,

        Farheen and Ozma