A postcard from India

Posted on July 09 2022

Greetings from India!

Last week I was lucky enough to return to my motherland after three years away. The purpose? A long-awaited reunion with family and friends and to spend some quality time with Faro’s wonderful artisans and suppliers. My trip took me across the Thar desert to Jaipur then to the cities of Mumbai and Delhi, taking in stifling 43-degree heat and tropical monsoons – extremes of weather that feel very foreign after living in the UK for nearly 30 years.

India is certainly a country of extremes: a place where everything feels rich and intense – from the seasons to the wildlife, the architecture to the food. I love the intensity of the cities there; the noises, smells and colours, partly because they are in such sharp contrast to the sleepy Suffolk countryside where I live now.


It’s hard not to be inspired by visiting India, especially after a period where travel was so restricted. For me, the best trips are ones where I feel like I’m collecting a scrapbook of memories to bring home. I will dip into memories of ancient buildings, colourful boutique hotels, hyper-modern geometric structures, awe-inspiring natural scenery, and delicious street-food whenever I need a pick-me-up – or when the brand needs some new energy.

So much of my inspiration comes from my family: my sister Ozma – the creative half of our Faro duo – lives in India, and the chance for us to put our heads together over a table (not just a Zoom call!) is indispensable. We revert to adolescence, eat Kulfi (Indian ice cream) together and laugh hysterically about shared childhood memories whilst planning the future of Faro.

In India I have the chance to be even more hands-on with Faro’s designs and processes; our trip to Delhi involved a visit to a fabric supplier where we selected the prettiest ribbons and trimmings like sweeties to use in our latest collections. Age-old advice, such as the importance of using natural, responsibly sourced fibres struck us as being as true today as ever. 

And of course, I loved being able to visit and collaborate with Faro’s talented Indian artisans and tailors. What a privilege it was to see them crafting our products in-person again. Many of their skills such as blockprinting and weaving are centuries old and are passed down from generation to generation.

We are so proud of our Indian heritage and remain convinced that creating quality items in a responsible way – although not always easy – is the only way to do business. Faro’s commitment to making items that are as sustainable as they are luxurious is stronger than ever after this very special trip.


Best wishes,

F&O x