5 ways to beat the lockdown blues…

Posted on January 20 2021

With Britain still in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, a third lockdown has brought with it the dawning realisation that it might be a long while until things are truly back to normal. Having said goodbye to the monotone drudgery of 2020, we are now faced with the prospect of more restrictions, empty calendars, awful weather for the foreseeable future and resolutions that have no doubt already crashed and burned. It is hardly surprising that many of us are suffering from the lockdown blues, and that our homes are likely suffering low spirits too.

There are many steps we can take to improve our mental health during the restrictions, from eating well and exercising regularly to interacting with people and prioritising sleep, but improving our home environment and injecting mood-enhancing colour boosts can make all the difference to our mental and emotional well-being.

Interior design elements such as colour, texture, light and layout all affect how we interpret a space, and can help encourage feelings of relaxation and happiness. At a time when we are spending more time indoors than ever before, it’s helpful to know that there is a correlation between our mental well being and the spaces we live in.

Beat the lockdown blues with our 5 easy steps to brighten your home (and your mood).

  • Embrace winter cosiness

The winter months give us the perfect excuse to create environments that feel safe, warm and homely. Cushions, rugs, throws and bedding are wonderful ways to make your home feel cosy and welcoming. Not only do they look great, but they are affordable and comfortable too. Add some bright and bold throws and cushions to your sofa, or buy a bright new bedspread to liven things up. We love nothing better than snuggling up with one of our cashmere throws and lighting a scented candle to fill the house with relaxing aromas.


  • Illuminate your home

Make the long dark nights and chilly mornings more bearable with some clever lighting to illuminate your home. Ensure that light comes from a variety of sources and directions to boost a sense of comfort and vitality.  Making dramatic improvements is as simple as adding a floor lamp in a dark corner or a reading lamp next to a favourite armchair.  Consider coloured lampshades and glass fixtures – inserting a splash a colour to your life as well as flooding your space with light. Switch to LED light bulbs in soft white to brighten your rooms without making them look too stark. For a real treat, add the leaping flames of a real fire or log burner or a few well-placed tea lights or candles to create a special atmosphere guaranteed to raise your spirits.


  • Surround yourself with patterns

Unleash your artistic side and choose unorthodox colours and patterns that complement your style. Intricate patterns give us clarity and a sense of order and calm whilst vibrant colours and bold patterns stimulate the senses and inspire joy. Adding patterns can make your space more appealing. Whether you want it to be impactful or subtle, introducing patterns into your home décor lets you make a design statement. But always maintain a sense of balance – too many shapes and hues set together may not work well in some situations. Choose what works for you as that is what matters the most.

  • Accessorise with soft furnishings

If you are looking for ways to soften the winter darkness and bring some cheer to combat your lockdown blues, now is the time to stock up on colourful, mood-enhancing home accessories. In the living room, layer sofas and armchairs with cushions of varying sizes and ensure there is a complementary contrast in texture and pattern. For a sense of cosy luxury, drape a generously sized cashmere throw over the back to not only add a splash of colour but to give your space a more characterful appearance and an inviting feel. In the bedroom, pile on quilts, coverlets, bed covers, throws and blankets, combining colours, patterns and fabrics for a glorious mixture that feels truly sumptuous.

  • Live life in colour

Colour is known to have an enormous effect on our mood, with everyone from psychologists to big businesses recognising the importance of hitting the right colour note. Research says colour can absolutely affect your mood, sleep patterns, behaviour and stress levels. Which is why it is unsurprising to hear that the right balance of colours and patterns can make all the difference to the feel of a room. Beat the lockdown blues and turn your house into a home with a more colourful approach to your interior design. Add vibrant hues to brighten and uplift your home during the cold, dreary winter months. Introduce pops of colour with throws and cushions, tableware and quilts. And don’t stop there - treat yourself to a colourful dressing gown or pyjama set to boost your spirits and promote feelings of happiness.

So, all that’s left to do is draw the curtains, light the fire, pull on some fluffy socks and your favourite pair of PJs, make a mug of hot chocolate or a large glass of wine and settle down with a good book or a favourite box set – we may be in lockdown and it may be cold outside, but inside it’s warm, cosy and full of colour and positivity!